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mattsgarrison - FYI, the broadcast will be available on YouTube directly shortly after we complete, and we post them to meetup.rubymotion.com 
dabit - what do you use to consume REST APIs ? Is RestKit the best alternative? 
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markrickert - @lrz, you're not a BAD person for it… I'm sure you're being pulled in lots of directions, but dropping the ball on a training event is just something that happens. 
mhriess - just to clarify- this is the early july training that has been canceled? 
nathany - yay for bootstrapping. awesome! 
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jnoon - my workaround for now: https://github.com/joenoon/rm-extensions rmext_context and rmext_retained_context 
mattgreenrocks - thx lrz, sounds like we need to safely encapsulate it 
markrickert - Can you post an example of the block memory issue and how to properly avoid it? 
nathany - Question: Really curious about compiler performance (multi-core like clang, dependency management). Current/plans? 
mattsgarrison - (i queued that for them) 
nathany - thanks :-) 
seanlilmateus - has anyone of you guys played with iTunesLibrary on MacOSX ? 
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ivanacostarubio - dabit: I haven't use RestKit, but it seems like an overkill. I create a class that wraps the Rest endpoints using BubbleWrap. 
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mattsgarrison - shameless plug, Gant and I are moderators for www.reddit.com/r/rubymotion, not to detract from the Google Group conversations, but we'd like to foster some place to show off your projects and announcements 
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dabit - ivanacostarubio: thanks! 
mhriess - thanks! let us know when it would be! 
markrickert - Thanks for the reddit link, @mattsgarrison 
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ivanacostarubio - dabit: there is also https://github.com/clayallsopp/afmotion 
yestoall - lrz have you in contact with apple developers? are they interested in the project? 
nathany - nope. just general peformance improvements planned? 
nathany - for the compiler itself 
esummers - Anything on plans to import objective-c classes without copying constants or having access to ruby motion features like constants or creating ruby motion classes from Objective-C? 
nathany - see you in IRC :-) 
iwarshak - when can we expect more performance monitoring tools? 
esummers - (import objective-c classes in to a namespace without copying constants) 
dblandin - dabit: I'm using RestKit right now to handle networking/data between an API and CoreData. My application has definitely benefited from RestKit's mappings, router, and managers. 
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mattsgarrison - video broadcast stopped 
lrz - hey guys!!! 
nathany - thanks lrz 
mattgreenrocks - thanks to the broadcasters and laurent, enjoyed it. 
dabit - dblandin: my problem with RestKit is that I can't find good documentation on how to use it with RM, do you have any resources at hand? 
lrz - thanks for joining the meetup :) 
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mattsgarrison - unedited video is available at http://youtu.be/uxwHT3ThTwI  right now if anyone wants to immediately review it 
dblandin - There are some great screencasts on RestKit at http://nsscreencast.com/ 
dblandin - Also, the documentation can be intimidating, but spending sometime in the official documentation on GitHub should help. 
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nathany - lrz: to clarify, my compiler performance question wasn't actually related to Xcode 5. Having only done a small project, I'm just concerned that compile times are going to be huge with a large project. 
esummers - @lrz - any plans to expose some ruby motion specific runtime features to obj-c? Access to constants or initializing ruby motion classes? 
mattsgarrison - I'll chop off some of the dead air time from the beginning today or tomorrow and we'll get it up on http://meetup.rubymotion.com/archives 
dblandin - I'd also be happy to share some of my RubyMotion code using RestKit with CoreData with you sometime. 
lrz - nathany: i see, compilation time right now is something we never worked on, and there are lots of low-hanging fruits to take 
lrz - it doesn't seem to be a big deal if you have a recent computer as we spread out the compilation tasks over multiple cores 
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markrickert - @nathany - compile times ARE long with huge projects (especially with lots of dependencies)… the great thing is that it's only on the initial compile… subsequent compilation is only done on files that have changed since the last compile 
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markrickert - http://xkcd.com/303/ 
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paulsturgess - lrz: how is RubyMotion's popularity in Japan? 
nathany - lrz: thanks. a good excuse to get a 12-core Mac Pro :-) 
lrz - this said we can improve it, and as of 1.3<something>, gem files are not recompiled each time 
mattgreenrocks - lrz: given a RM class named MyClass, from Obj-C, how do I reference it? RBMyClass? Is this something we can rely on? Sometimes we have to encode references to RM class names in Obj-C libs. 
lrz - esummers: we could do that, we need to file this on the bug tracker :) 
iwarshak - lrz: where are the performance monitoring tools/utilities on the roadmap? 
esummers - lrz - OK! ;-) 
doug316 - Maybe while some of these bugs are still present (i.e. losing local vars in blocks) they could be detected and a warning could be logged. Sometimes it tasks a long time just to figure out what is happening 
lrz - paulsturgess: pretty big, japan is the 2nd country (after the US) 
lrz - tokyo has 2 rubymotion meetups, one was not enough :) 
watson1978 - lrz: its feature is brought from RubyMotion 2.0 (gem files are not recompiled each time) :) 
mattgreenrocks - i'd love a rubymotion meetup in the dc area, but, alas 
lrz - mattgreenrocks: we have an objc API (that is not exposed yet) for that, we should expose it... but it's similar to what @esummers wants 
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lrz - iwarshak: very close! 
nathany - markrickert: good to know. lrz: I'm spoiled by Go's compile times, granted it has a more regular language to deal with, but also better dependency management. Made RubyMotion feel a bit slow to work with on my lowly 2-core Air. Glad to know there's a lot of room for improvement. 
mattgreenrocks - Go mutilated syntax to get fast compile times :) 
iwarshak - lrz: great! watching some of the new perf tools that xcode5 has makes me jealous! 
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lrz - iwarshak: we have something very similar in plan :) 
nathany - matt: :-) 
iwarshak - lrz: can't wait. i'll beta test! 
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GantMan - https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uxwHT3ThTwI#t=17m18s 
lrz - right now the biggest problem with compilation times is that we invoke the llvm bitcode compiler (llc) as a separate program, we should do that inside the rubymotion compiler, it would probably reduce compilation time by half 
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lrz - but it's hard to know, so we will have to investigate 
lrz - also, framework .bridgesupport files are loaded for each ruby file compilation, we should cache them 
lrz - so there are things we can do to definitely speed up compilation time 
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nathany - lrz: definitely a lot of low-hanging fruit. good to know. coming from scripting languages, I love to test things out regularly, so these sorts of improvements will really make working with RubyMotion more fun IMO. 
lrz - i think watson1978 would be interested in working on that :) 
doug316 - Is anyone reporting issues with missing Obj C constants with RM 2.1/2.2? I had to revert to 2.0 
watson1978 - haha :D 
esummers - lrz - Thanks for creating RubyMotion! Watching those WWDC vids, I'm happy I'm no longer doing things the old way. 
lrz - doug316: what constants for ex? 
esummers - BTW, ported two old MacRuby in-house apps to 2.0. Worked great and they are now much smaller! 
dabit - hey guys, just found this meet up because I came here to ask a question, is there a schedule somewhere? or are they announced before they happen? 
lrz - esummers: oh that's awesome! what kind of apps? 
nathany - dabit: there is a community on Google+ for MotionMeetups 
doug316 - lrz: kGTMOAuth2ServiceProviderGoogle (with a capital K of course) in the google-api-objective-c-client library. 
nathany - dabit: or the mailing list for RubyMotion - which is how I found it 
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dabit - nathany: thanks 
lrz - dabit: i believe there is a mailing list you can subscribe on, mattsgarrison might be able to help 
doug316 - lrz: not only restricted this, it seemed like something change with respect to linking in vendor libraries in general, is that possible? 
doug316 - (not only restricted to this) 
esummers - One is a custom video encoding app. The other controls iTunes to mass setup iPads using accessibility API. It has set up hundreds of thousands of iPads ;-). The later app will be obsolete when iOS 7 comes out, but saved a tone of work ;-) 
lrz - doug316: that's weird, i don't believe we changed anything in that area since 2.0 
doug316 - lrz: as soon as I switched back to 2.0 it was fine again. Are you interested in an example? 
lrz - yes please! 
lrz - we need to understand what's going on 
watson1978 - doug316: could you please send your issue to support? :) 
lrz - at the very least, it would be introduced in 2.1, as 2.2 only brings xcode5 support 
doug316 - Yes it was 2.1, still broken in 2.2 
lrz - ok, yeah a sample would help 
doug316 - I believe I have one, will verify and submit a ticket 
lrz - awesome 
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iwarshak - lrz: what do you think of jnoon's retain workaround? 
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jamonholmgren - I missed it, didn't I. 
mattgreenrocks - some of the things that people run into with that should probably be abstracted a bit further, e.g. raw GCD usage vs a small wrapper 
jamonholmgren - Was the Motion Meetup this morning? 
mattgreenrocks - yeah 
mattgreenrocks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uxwHT3ThTwI#t=17m18s 
jamonholmgren - awesome, thanks Matt 
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joshu - hi iwarshak I've not looked a parse but have heard of it. 
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jamonholmgren - I've worked with Parse pretty extensively. 
jamonholmgren - It's a good system if you don't need to do a lot of server-side manipulation. 
doug316 - I think the downside of parse is it's not portable to another provider 
joshu - jamonholmgren doug316 you guys tested helios? 
doug316 - joshu: I'm leaning towards using helios and my own back-end on heroku for that reason 
jamonholmgren - joshu: Haven't worked with helios yet. 
joshu - doug316 I've got helios working locally just helios itself unmodified and no iOS app yet. But as I was saying to markrickert earlier there's no authentication and I don't know whether to just try and putting together a backend from scratch with grape api 
joshu - I need this for a small 5 user project 
doug316 - joshu: That's what I've decided to do. I figured I"m sure I'll need more custom things on the backend 
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joshu - doug316 you decided to use grape and skip helios? 
doug316 - joshu: What is grape? I haven't implemented helios but it's on the radar. I started with my own backend using devise for auth and some small backend functionality. Will add helios later 
doug316 - Using rails 
joshu - doug316 oh ok I misunderstood. Grape api https://github.com/intridea/grape 
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doug316 - Not familiar with it but at least it's open! 
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markrickert - you can actually create a really simple api with grape that integrates into an existing rails application as well :) 
joshu - I don't know rails, but I don't need a web interface for this particular project as the only clients will be iPhones 
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iwarshak - joshu: check out parse 
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jamonholmgren - joshu: We built Parsistence (based off ParseModel by Alan deLevie) which abstracts the Parse API. You can use the Parse SDK directly, of course, but it's nicer with an abstraction layer. Or use ParseModel or the new one that just came out (it's not done yet, though). I think they're all on rubymotion-wrappers. 
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jamonholmgren - joshu: Grape looks really good…hadn't seen that before. 
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joshu - iwarshak I'll have a look at parse 
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yaakovg - when is going to be the meet up ? 
yaakovg - ? 
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markrickert - the meetup was at noon eastern time today 
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iwarshak - anyone do much debugging with rubymine? 
iwarshak - i dont feel very proficient with it, especially debugging crashes 
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colinta - iwarshak: i've heard it's very spotty. i just use the debugger directly. life skills and all that :-) 
iwarshak - ok. even in the regular debugger, where would you go with a crash like this: https://gist.github.com/iwarshak/822910b321988a3f5c13  
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