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11:31 Topic: 3rd rubymotion meetup!
11:31 lrz set the topic at: Jul 17, 2013 10:57 AM
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11:31 Created at: May 3, 2012 2:03 PM
11:32 Guest48686greetings
11:32 colintahi there!
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11:32 mattsgarrisoni'm running a bit behind
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11:33 jamonholmgrenYeah, RubyMotionLand was so quiet I was thinking I was on the wrong day
11:33 marcismeditto
11:33 mattsgarrisoni had soome childcare related issues that took more time than expected
11:33 mattsgarrison
11:34 mattsgarrisonwaiting on mr quaranto to join us
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11:35 jamonholmgrenQuestion: Do you see any opportunities for RubyMotion-specific functionality in
11:35 jamonholmgrenAre you playing a game, Matt?
11:35 jamonholmgrenlol
11:36 jamonholmgrensounds like you're shooting space ships
11:36 mattsgarrisoni'm muted.  blame gant
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11:36 jamonholmgrenha
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11:37 mattgreenrockswow, i'm going to be on time for this one
11:38 mhagedornshould I be seeing something in the google plus page?
11:38 colintanah:
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11:39 markrickerti like bees.
11:39 markrickertthey give us honey
11:39 markrickertand you can make mead from it :)
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11:40 mattgreenrockshey man, classic is pure VINTAGE
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11:41 mattsgarrisoni hate you
11:41 jamonholmgreni had a client with a legacy classic ASP system that they wanted us to do something with. I tried finding a classic ASP programmer and couldn't. There are none left in the USA, apparently.
11:41 markrickertThey're almost as rare as ColdFusion programmers
11:41 mattsgarrison<-  still supports a legacy app that links with a VB6 DLL.  welcome to hell
11:42 mattgreenrocksthe term 'anticorruption layer' fits that perfectly, matt
11:42 mattsgarrisonwe like to call it "onion architecture"
11:42 jamonholmgrenmattgreenrocks: I have a project for you
11:42 jamonholmgrenlol
11:42 mattsgarrisonjust keep wrapping more layers on it
11:43 jamonholmgrenwait
11:43 jamonholmgrenthat was matt garrison
11:43 jamonholmgrentoo many matts
11:43 mattgreenrocksonion architecture is a real thing, too
11:43 markrickert changes nick to mattrickert
11:43 jamonholmgrendang you mark
11:43 mattsgarrisonmattg's rule
11:43 mattgreenrocksagree
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11:45 mattsgarrisonfyi, there's a storm over my head at the moment.  hoping power stays
11:45 colintanick is not waving his hands enough.  how can i be sure it's actually him!?
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11:46 jamonholmgrenQuestion: Are you considering any Ruby-based Android systems for an Android app? Like Ruboto?
11:46 colintayou tube link, for newcomers:
11:47 markrickertI looked into Ruboto a while ago, but I don't like the external app dependency
11:47 jamonholmgrenMy concern was performance
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11:49 Topic: 3rd rubymotion meetup!
11:49 lrz set the topic at: Jul 17, 2013 10:57 AM
11:49 Mode: +cnt
11:49 Created at: May 3, 2012 2:03 PM
11:49 mattgreenrocksqrush is getting heretical up here
11:49 markrickert:D
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11:50 jamonholmgrenAgainst wrappers…says the guy behind
11:50 jamonholmgrenhaha
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11:52 seanlilmateusi t
11:53 seanlilmateustime for a reactive test framework :-P
11:53 mattsgar<a href="" class="url" oncontextmenu="onurl()">
11:55 mattsgarany other questions?
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11:56 colintaQ: i think rubymotion-specific gemspec settings would be useful - feasible?
11:56 mattgreenrockscolinta: what are you looking for specifically?
11:56 colintaspecifying libraries and frameworks
11:56 doug316As one of the earliest prod RM apps, can you talk about the biggest/worst workarounds you had to make?
11:57 jamonholmgrenHipByte needs to make a Ruby-based Android platform
11:57 markrickert^ this++
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11:57 jamonholmgrenHere in the non-37signals real world, a lot of people use Android. ;)
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11:57 jballancCongratulations!
11:57 mattgreenrockscongrats!
11:57 colintamattgreenrocks: it's not at all necessary, it can be done easily using the "compile file" (add files to app.files, add libraries, etc)
11:58 colintaawww little baby quaranto!
11:58 mhagedorn+1 on the little kids == no time :0
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11:58 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="14" first="true">jamonholmgrenlet me tell you…I have four
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11:58 mattsgari'm sorry
11:58 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="1" first="true">colintahe better! ;-)
11:59 jamonholmgrenincluding a 3 week old, which is why ProMotion hasn't had any real progress in 4 weeks
11:59 mattsgari love my little dude, but 4x would be a bit much
11:59 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="15" first="true">jballancheh...I think that's a valid excuse ;)
11:59 jamonholmgrenit's nuts
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11:59 jamonholmgrennot recommended unless you're awesome like me
12:00 jamonholmgrenj/k
12:00 jamonholmgrenmore like crazy
12:00 mattgreenrocksi think i'm subconsciously toning down on extracurricular dev when looking to having a kid
12:00 mattsgarno way.  handling 4 kids and still getting things done is insanely awesome
12:01 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="14" first="true">jamonholmgrenyou just get used to programming while fending off a 2 year old from pounding on the keyboard
12:01 mattsgarstanding desks.  use their height against them
12:01 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="14" first="true">jamonholmgrenso if you see a commit message like "Added the fafjafijavmvaoaidfjoidfsj" you'll know she got the upper hand
12:01 colinta+1 for afnetworking.  good stuff.
12:01 colinta+1 for afmotion, looks like BW's HTTP lib.
12:02 jamonholmgrenan error occurred
12:02 markrickertbubblewrap's HTTP class is great for one-off requests though, like grabbing a single json file
12:02 jballanccorrect1
12:02 mattgreenrocksWRONG! chruby
12:02 jballanc!
12:02 jballancbah...
12:02 jballanc(actually, yeah...I'm using chruby now too)
12:02 mattgreenrockslol, good question
12:03 jamonholmgrenSublime :)
12:03 colintatextmate!?  sublime FTW
12:03 mattsgar37 signals rails env vagrant file uses RVM....
12:03 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="15" first="true">jballancwrong...correct answer is "I'd stop programming"
12:03 colintahaha
12:03 doug316How can you use both rvm and rbenv on the same system
12:03 jamonholmgrenTextmate/Vim are for people who haven't tried Sublime
12:03 mattsgari use sublime and vim pretty equally :P
12:04 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="7" first="true">mattgreenrocksyeah, Go is awesome
12:04 colintaFear is the mind killer!
12:04 seanlilmateusrust is already better than Go and it isn't done yet :-P
12:05 jballancbah...this is the best gem:
12:05 mattsgar@doug: rvm and rbenv can run side by side in the same user account as long as use configure them uniquely with different shells
12:07 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="1" first="true">colintaGraphics => GUH GUH GIF
12:08 doug316@mattsgar hadn't thought of that!
<div highlight="false" alternate="odd" nick="mattsgar" class="line text" type="privmsg" id="line143">12:08 mattsgarunfortunately the .gif creator guy said it was "jif". like that guy matters
12:08 <span class="sender" type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="1" first="true">colintanope, don't matter.  english grammar wins again!
12:08 jamonholmgrencolinta: Jraphics
12:08 markrickertthis is the BEST gem -
12:08 mattsgarmajority rules on language
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12:09 mattgreenrocksmarkrickert: i love that gem
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12:09 jamonholmgrenGant murdered my name haha
12:10 jamonholmgrenIt's pronounced just like Jason or Damon, FYI
12:10 jamonholmgrenGood meet up! Thanks!
12:11 mattsgar:)
<div highlight="false" alternate="even" nick="mattsgar" class="line text" type="privmsg" id="line156">12:11 mattsgarwe're in New Orleans where everything is named funny
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12:23 Topic: 3rd rubymotion meetup!
12:23 lrz set the topic at: Jul 17, 2013 10:57 AM
12:23 Mode: +cnt
12:23 Created at: May 3, 2012 2:03 PM
12:25 mattgreenrocksunrelated: i got live-editing of ui working (ala bret victor's demo); do people use pixate for that mostly now?
12:25 jamonholmgrenI haven't used Pixate much (even though I was an early Kickstarter backer)
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12:27 lukesanmattgreenrocks: how do you do it? via the repl?
12:27 mattgreenrocksa lot of machinery
12:28 mattgreenrocksit is not optimal; i have a bug open in youtrack for programmatic repl access
12:28 mattgreenrocksbut its easy to swap out
12:28 mattgreenrocksthe caveat is it requires a new layout dsl
12:28 mattgreenrockslike everything else, we have to tear down the stack sometimes to advance it
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13:43 Topic: 3rd rubymotion meetup!
13:43 lrz set the topic at: Jul 17, 2013 10:57 AM
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13:43 Created at: May 3, 2012 2:03 PM
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20:12 Topic: 3rd rubymotion meetup!
20:12 lrz set the topic at: Jul 17, 2013 10:57 AM
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20:12 Created at: May 3, 2012 2:03 PM
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Published on August 14th, 2013