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11:29 Topic: 3rd rubymotion meetup!
11:29 lrz set the topic at: Jul 17, 2013 10:57 AM
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11:29 Created at: May 3, 2012 2:03 PM
11:29 mattsgarrisonMeetup broadcast link
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11:37 mattsgarrisonLive Motion Meetup broadcast link
11:38 jballanchmm...I think only lrz has access to change topic :-/
11:38 jballanc...well, at least I don't
11:38 mattsgarrisonyeah, he's usually on the ball about it. :)
11:38 mattsgarrisonwe talked to him about 40 minutes ago...he's awake somewhere
11:38 jballancdrat...and unfortunately youtube is being really slow for me right now... :(
11:38 markrickertalready approved for ios 7
11:39 markrickert:D
11:39 markrickerti've got a PR in for tintColor in ios 7 but can't get tests working correctly
11:39 mattsgarrisonbtw, for anyone listening live, this is the project gant's talking about http://iconoclastlabs.github.    io/rubytrivia/
11:41 mattsgarrisonif anyone has any questions I'll queue them up for the guys as well
11:42 mattgreenrocksQ: can you elaborate on Screens vs typical MVC?
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11:43 mattgreenrockshello lrz!
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11:43 lrzhi matt :)
11:43 mattsgarrisonLive Motion Meetup broadcast link
11:43 lrzhi everyone
11:43 mattsgarrisongreetings
11:43 wndxlorihey lrz
11:44 lrzdamn i'm late :(
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11:44 mattsgarrisonit's recorded :)
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11:44 colinta has set topic: 5th rubymotion meetup!
11:45 markrickertno PR gets merged without a test :)
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11:47 colinta+1 for view subclasses!
11:48 colinta+1 for wrappers! ;-)
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11:48 mattsgarrisonespecially since 2.8 and build time reductions!
11:48 lrzhaha
11:48 colintaword
11:48 mattsgarrisonresolved some of my love-hate relationship with sugarcube
11:49 colintahaha yeah i bet.  `rake clean` used to mean "go have lunch"
11:49 lrzthe new compiler sends code to skynet, it's faster than using our current hardware
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11:49 colintaHA
11:49 mattsgarrisonforced me to get up and take breaks at least
11:49 mattgreenrocksnew compiler is so fast, wow
11:50 markrickertyup - busy, busy… headed out of town for a week on friday :(
11:50 lrzone day i will have time to write an app with promotion
11:50 mattsgarrisonany other questions?
11:51 markrickertPLEASE HELP US!
11:51 mattgreenrocksQ: what other needs do you see in the RM community? (good general q for anyone)
11:51 lrzi have a question: does promotion have any iOS 7-related code? ex: supporting any iOS7-only features
11:52 markrickert@lrz - i have a PR that needs a test that adds the system-wide tintColor specification
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11:52 lrzmarkrickert: nice :)
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11:52 mattsgarrison@lrz you have an invite to the video chat, you can hop on if you want
11:53 markrickerthere's that tintColor PR -
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11:56 jballancwoo! congrats!
11:56 colintahaha FOUR, damn
11:56 lrzwow four, indeed!
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11:56 lrzstarwars, good :)
11:56 colintaKNUTH
11:56 jballancyes
11:56 lrzlinus torvalds
11:57 jballancwhy does no one ever say Alan Kay?
11:57 mattgreenrocksdoes knuth write node.js?
11:57 colintalaurent likes a little abuse in the relationship :-P
11:57 lrzjballanc: less cool than linus
11:58 jballanclrz: mmm...I dunno, I'd probably say Serlet, but that's just me ;-)
11:58 rupakgvery good one
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11:58 colintaada lovelace!
11:58 colinta(i did NOT have to look up her name)
11:58 lrzmattsgarrison: i think my android device ate the invitation somehow
11:58 markrickertnext: CoreData!
11:58 markrickertlolyeahright
11:59 mattgreenrocksalso, babbage
11:59 mattsgarrisonsent again
11:59 lrzjohn mccarty before everyone else!
11:59 mattsgarrisonthough we're about to wrap up :)
12:00 colintayay josé!!
Published on September 18th, 2013