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11:16 Topic: 7th RubyMotion Meetup! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSgsy6UsdaU
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11:17 mattsgarrisongreetings everyone
11:21 dazeddevhi all
11:24 mattsgarrisonhello
11:24 lrzhey matt!
11:24 alloyHowdy
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11:25 mattsgarrisonhi laurent
11:28 lrzthat's an awesome cover
11:29 ChanServ has set topic: RubyMotion Meetup #8 https://plus.google.com/events/c4ljsf82otvnd3541kcohi1tc7o
11:29 mattsgarrisonty :)
11:30 alloyHah, indeed
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11:31 alloyIt’s just sound, right?
11:31 lrzi should get some of these alcohol detection devices for hipbyte...
11:31 mattsgarrisonfor the moment.  we're beginning in a sec, and the video is about a minute behind
11:31 markrickert:+1:
11:31 alloyAh kk
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11:34 jballancbah...movie on plus is too small and on YouTube it's not loading :(
11:34 jballancoh wait...there it goes
11:34 jballanc:)
11:34 dazeddev\o/
11:34 lrzreddit.com/r/rubymotion !
11:34 jballanc\o/
11:35 jballanc2014: The Year of RubyMotion on the Desktop!
11:35 alloyjballanc: Yooooooooooo
11:35 jballanchey!
11:35 jballancI actually remembered to be awake this time :)
11:35 lrzdesktops? we should all be using tablets now
11:36 colintadang, mark has the best track record (rubymotion dispatch)!
11:36 alloyIs skydiving and scubadiving combinable?
11:36 colintaHA
11:36 doug316@alloy Not unless you want the bends
11:36 mattsgarrisonpretty sure the SEALs combine them
11:36 alloyjballanc: That huuuge TZ diff with Turkey ;)
11:36 doug316Skydiving before scuba
11:36 jballanc:P
11:37 alloyDoes jumping out of an airplane without chute count? ;)
11:37 doug316I
11:37 doug316I'm not sure that's still called skydiving
11:37 mattsgarrisonlike always....if you have questions for Mark, let me know and we'll get them addressed towards the end
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11:37 colintai would think that skydiving in a scuba outfit, cut the parachute 50ft above the ocean, and DIVE would combine them well
11:38 lrz[homebrewer] ok i have some questions now...
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11:38 doug316Old had for Navy Seals
11:38 doug316hat
11:38 alloymarkrickert: I love Texties
11:38 mattsgarrisoni can answer brewing questions directly :)
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11:39 colinta /topic home brewing ;-)
11:39 mattsgarrisonbtw colinta... moving to Lakewood Feb 12th
11:39 colintasweet!! :-D
11:39 colintawe'll have a beer, at any of the dozens of breweries ;-)
11:40 mattsgarrisonnervous/excited/panicing
11:40 lrzquestion: how did you get into brewing? what types of beer do you make?
11:41 colintahaha once you go rubymotion, there's no going back!
11:42 colinta+1 to the awesomeness that is mark's open-source apps collection
11:42 mattsgarrisonI'll pass it on to gant/mark too, but personally, started in college because I enjoy beer and the brewing process sounded fun.  I try to brew things that are cost prohibitive to buy in bulk or aren't generally available on shelves (or of limited selection).  I stick to ales because lagers require temperature control during fermentation and that means a dedicated fridge
11:43 mattsgarrison(erm, another dedicated fridge besides the kegerator fridge)
11:43 colintaquestion: i'd like to hear about how mark's code style has evolved in rubymotion - how to separate concerns, that kinda thing
11:43 colinta(sorry it's not a more concrete question)
11:44 colinta"my objective-c coding style is shit" is a pleonasm!
11:44 colinta:-P
11:44 lrzquestion: you wrote a lot of RM apps, what are the gems/wrappers that you eventually always end up bundling in your apps?
11:45 lrzmattsgarrison: how does the equipment look like? do you have a separate room? (can i do that in my apartment ? :))
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11:45 mattsgarrisondepends on the scale of your brewing volume ;)
11:45 jamonholmgrenI'm LATE
11:45 jballanchaha...I can see it now: 2 years later HipByte has become a microbrewery
11:45 jamonholmgren:P
11:45 colintawhereyoubeen!?
11:45 lrzmattsgarrison: let's say i want to make a few bottles for fun :)
11:46 lrzhey jamonholmgren
11:46 jamonholmgrenHaha hey guys
11:46 mattsgarrisongenerally you brew 5 gallon batches minimum, just for making the effort worth it, though you can make smaller volumes if you're familiar with the process
11:46 jamonholmgrenAnd you're talking about beer -- this is unprecedented
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11:47 mattsgarrison5 gallons means you need a 6-7 gallon glass carboy or food grade plastic bucket
11:47 lrzok, i guess it won't fit into the kid's room
11:47 jamonholmgrencolinta: I've been fighting gcc and gem install
11:47 colintaquestion: i've smacked my head on a lot of mapkit memory bugs - have you had similar issues (especially around the annotations)
11:47 colintaug
11:47 mattsgarrisonyou'll also need a large stock pot that can safely boil at least 4 gallons of water (I actually do this outside on a propane burner with a 15 gallon keg converted into a kettle)
11:48 lrzok, 4 gallons == 15 liters
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11:48 lrzthat's doable
11:48 lrzhey mateus :)
11:48 mattsgarrisonyeah, 5 gallons makes about 50 bottles of beer
11:48 seanlilmateushey laurent
11:48 mattsgarrisongive or take, based on your efficiencies and losses
11:49 lrznice
11:50 mattsgarrisonI've done single gallon test brews and even 12 gallons at once.  generally brew day means having people over to help get rid of the previously batch ;)
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11:50 lrzoh nice, so you can brew a single gallon as a test
11:50 lrzhow long does it take for the whole process to finish?
11:50 lrzfrom start to glass? :)
11:50 mattsgarrisonalso, you're not a true homebrewer until you've mopped yeast off your ceiling
11:50 jamonholmgrenMark did a pull request to someone's first RubyMotion app to help teach them. :)
11:51 ghettoeinsteinWould anyone be able to assist with expanding on the Paint example in the RubyMotionSamples directory?
11:51 lrzthat's very nice
11:51 colintahaha "golden shower days of programming" is more like it. :-P
11:52 mattsgarrisondepends on the style of beer of course, but i'd a minimal average for a brown ale type would be about 4 weeks, with maybe 6 hours of time invested
11:52 lrzphp -> objc -> rubymotion -> rails
11:52 seanlilmateusquestion: How do you compare the Cocoa MVC vs the Rails MVC? I'm actually not a Rails dev but I kind don't get the Rails MVC :D
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11:52 lrzthat's a good question, i don't get the rails architecture either
11:53 jamonholmgrenAnd Cocoa's MVC doesn't feel like MVC to me
11:53 jamonholmgrenlol
11:53 jamonholmgrenViewControllers are far more tied to views than Rails controllers
11:53 colintaha!  rails MVC is more like a series of "stages".  route => controller => view => done
11:54 lrz(yes, everyone should come to the RM conference... :))
11:54 jamonholmgrenWhere will it be again?
11:54 mattsgarrison... view => javascript => router => controller => view
11:54 seanlilmateusfor me is other 3way around, calling the Rails thing MVC is well-intentioned :D
11:55 jamonholmgrenProbably true Sean...I just learned Rails MVC first, which means I equate it with that terminology.
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11:55 <span class="sender" _type="normal" oncontextmenu="onnick()" identified="false" colornumber="1" first="true">colintamattsgarrison: ahh, yeah, that's a good point.  still, the stateless thing will always have that "pipe" aspect, as opposed to an MVC loop
11:56 lrzbubblewrap, promotion
11:57 lrztestflightapp.com
11:58 colintaquestion: promotion is great for VC management, but do you just write views in long-hand?  or using the promotion "stylers"?
11:58 jamonholmgrenGood idea on the conditional logging statements.
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12:01 jballancI really have to blog about debugging :(
12:01 seanlilmateushey jballanc :-)
12:01 jballanchey mateus!
12:02 ghettoeinsteincolin, is it okay if I email you about some rubymotion + parse stuff?
12:02 lrzjballanc: yes!
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12:02 colintaghettoeinstein: sure - having parse problems?
12:03 colintamarkrickert: would love to know what would make teacup more compelling, just out of curiousity :-)
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12:03 jamonholmgrencolinta: I kind of look at Teacup as being the far more powerful cousin of our styling module.
12:03 jamonholmgrenSo, basically, if I don't need that power (as in, something pretty simple and straightforward), I use the built-in styler.
12:04 colintajamonholmgren: yeah makes sense
12:04 jamonholmgrenBut I don't intend to extend the styler beyond where it is now.
12:04 jamonholmgrenSo when I hit a point where I'm having to do too much math, time for Teacup.
12:04 ghettoeinstein@colinta yes I am having trouble with some of my columns and data types
12:04 jamonholmgrenThere's also RMQ's styling system. I haven't played with it much yet.
12:04 colintaon the other hand, i've wondered (only wondered) if any ideas from the angular/ember world could influence some teacup features (e.g. KV bindings and such)
12:05 colintaRMQs styles remind me of what promotion provides
12:05 jamonholmgrenYou should do some conceptual code gists Colin
12:06 jamonholmgrenfor the KV stuff
12:06 mattsgarrisongant and I made https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/alcohol-calculator-barley/id643123037?mt=8 to scratch an itch for me and to learn some skinning of UI elements
12:06 mattsgarrison(in rubymotion)
12:06 colintayeah i will, if i get that far. :-)
12:06 jamonholmgrenha
12:08 markrickertNow i gotta go back and read all the messages here in IRC... lol.
12:08 colintagreat talk, mark!  thanks to gant and matt, too!
12:08 jamonholmgrencolinta: What would make Teacup more compelling to me is to do a lot more tutorials and screencasts on it. There is a lot of functionality that I just haven't discovered yet (or barely touched on).
12:08 jballanclrz: so how long before you're a certified beer judge?
12:08 jamonholmgrenYes, thanks Mark/Gant/Matt!
12:08 alloyThanks guys, great talk!
12:08 markrickertThanks for being on link-duty, @lrz !
12:09 lrzthanks everyone!
12:09 alloymarkrickert: And wow about the affiliate thing, never knew!
12:09 lrzmarkrickert: haha!
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12:09 markrickertHere's where you can sign up to be an affiliate - http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/
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12:10 lrzso my first question wasn't answered :) markrickert: how did you get into brewing? what types of beer do you make?
12:10 markrickertI started brewing about 7 years ago. My brother in law gave me a beerk making kit for christmas. I mostly like to make stouts and IPAs... i like things with really intense flavors
12:10 markrickerti've recently gotten more into Belgian beers too!
12:10 mattsgarrisonWe'll have the broadcast video posted at http://meetup.rubymotion.com/archives/8 tomorrow
12:11 mattsgarrisonor you can go hunt down the uncut video on my youtube acct later today if you're impatient
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12:11 markrickertReading back in the IRC... you can get the homemade breathalyzer kit here - http://www.gfxhax.com/drinkshield/
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12:13 mattsgarrisonjust a reminder, next month's meetup will be a bit earlier that normal on February 5th
12:13 mattsgarrisonsame time of day though
12:13 markrickertHere's a link to some skydiving antics  - http://youtu.be/u6omBLqIt4?t=3m16s
<a href="http://youtu.be/u6o
mBLqIt4?t=3m16s" imageindex="0">
12:13 markrickertI'll be working on getting my Skydiving A-License this spring so i don't have to go with an instructor

Published on January 17th, 2014