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If you're a dev interested in keeping up to date with the ecosystem of RubyMotion, you found the right group. MotionMeetup is full of RubyMotion developers of all levels who want to keep up to date with the latest in RubyMotion technology, or just want to talk shop with other Ruby coders.

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On the day of the meetup, chat will be handled via the RubyMotion IRC Channel, and video will be provided via Google Hangout.

24/7 IRC channel #rubymotion

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About Motion Meetup


We welcome developers of all levels interested in a free RubyMotion meeting where people can share their ideas and encounter new ones.

If you're unfamiliar with what RubyMotion is, I have to wonder how you got here. Learn more at the RubyMotion site.

We're open to suggestions, guests, and code. We'd like to allow this community to grow, so if you're looking to fork the code for this website or if you've got other improvements, what are you waiting for? Do something cool.